Helping FSU Students Feed Their Brains

Special thanks to Professor Ebe Randeree for inviting me to participate in FSU’s STARS Alliance ‘Feed Your Brain‘ series on Monday to discuss the role of social media in advertising, and for allowing me to be part of his ’10 in 10’ series for his new social media class being offered for the first time this semester at Florida State University. I’m a pretty quick talker, so my responses didn’t exactly add up to 10 minutes, but the twenty-minute discussion that followed the video and my hour-long Feed Your Brain presentation made up for I think (and hope).

In addition to being an alumna who’s always interested in the goings-on on campus, I’m going to be especially watchful over the next few semesters. It looks like there are some exciting hybrid programs in the works that I think would be very beneficial for any student thinking about pursuing a career in social media. In particular, the College of Communication & Information has put together a comprehensive Information, Communication and Technology major that I think is pretty spectacular – combining the best of both worlds from the PR & IT programs. (It would definitely be a program I’d be interested in pursuing if I had known that social media was where I’d end up and I had it all to do over again.)

If you’re interested in having me coming out and speak to your class or organization about the role (and power) of social media in marketing, feel free to contact me. If you’d like to discuss any of my answers to the questions in the video above, feel free to leave a comment below.


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