IMG_4799“A fire sign, I tend to be
someone who acts impulsively.
My muse, quite feisty, never rests.
I get things done at her behest.”

I have always had a passion for reading, voraciously chewing through hundreds of books a year. Not too surprisingly, that love to read translated into a desire to create books that others could enjoy, and I enrolled in the creative writing program at Florida State University. After graduation, I felt as though I’d taken an important step in realizing my dreams but also realized that I wanted to expand my marketable skills, so I pursued a master’s degree in integrated marketing and management communication.

My love of words has already taken me on an incredible journey – from writing short stories and poems in my youth, to pursuing my degrees in creative writing and integrated marketing, to working in the world of academia, heading up a social media department at a well-respected agency and building a brand from the ground up at a start-up focused on making the home a healthier place to raise a family.

With each adventure comes an amazing wealth of knowledge, a renewed passion for the advertising industry and a challenge to myself to continue my mission of perpetual growth and improvement. My current mission is the growth of my agency, Go Bright Marketing, where I hope to continue to attract like-minded individuals who have a true love for their brand and are looking for a partner who can help them bring the best of their brand to light.

In what my husband laughingly calls my free time, I like to travel, run, crochet, read, watch anime, go to concerts, hit the beach, have adventures and spend time with my friends and family.

I run where my muse takes me, and life, it seems, approves.